As we approach the summer month of July, there are many locations that start to pump out high-quality surf for all levels of surfers, from mellow point break walls for the beginners to perfect barrelling waves breaking over coral reefs for the more advanced surfer.

For those wondering where to surf in July are in luck, below we have used our ‘Surf Trip Finder’ to select the best surf spots in July to visit. We have also categorised them into beginners, intermediates and advanced levels...


1. Beginner Surfers – Europe

Where: Amar Surf Camp - Ericeira, Portugal
Surf Light Package: 7 Night stay with 5 beginner surf lessons - £523 / €608 p.p.
Air temperature: 24° - 28°
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5
Best Wave: Foz do Lizandro. It's one of Portugal's best beginner beach breaks, working best on low to mid tide. Beautiful gold sandy beach with a big car park and promenade with 4 or 5 cafés and restaurants

Amar Surf Camp


2. Beginner Surfers - Rest of the World

Where: Star Rest Beach Hotel Arugambay, Sri Lanka
Beginner Surf Package: 7 Night Stay in a private room with daily surf lessons - $890 / £725 / €843 p.p.
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5
Best Wave: Arugam Bay. A mixture of sand and flat rock, Arugam Bay is a consistent, small wave that creates both rights and lefts over the deep reef. It is quite a mixed bag because it can produce mushy waves close to shore that are excellent for gaining balance and practising your pop up, while also forming faster, cleaner waves out back that are ideal fun waves for intermediate surfers.

3. Intermediate Surfers – Europe

Where: Surf Castle, Peniche, Portugal
Full Package Summer Season: 7 Night stay with 10 surf lessons - $844/ £687 / €800 
Best Wave: Baleal is famous for its consistency and is ideal for intermediate surfers. Protected from the bigger swell by the headland, it’s always possible to surf here, even when there is big swell hitting the coast, as the beach stretches 4kms further west, with many spots to surf - a great place to get away from crowds.


4. Intermediate Surfers - Rest of the World

Destination: La Posada Surf Camp Costa Rica 
7 Day Surf & Yoga Package: 7 night stay with 6 daily surf lessons & Yoga - $1021 / £832 / €968 p.p.
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5
Best Wave: Playa Santa Teresa. Best surfed from low to mid-tide when a-frame peaks run down the beach. Picture perfect waves that will challenge Intermediates and push you to the next level. Plus it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.    




5. Advanced Surfers - Europe

Where: Wood'n Sea Surf Lodge, Hossegor France

Best Wave: La Graviere. France’s most famous wave,  La Graviere is a thumping beach break that produces some of the hollowest left and right barrels you can find on a beach break anywhere in the world and can hold from two to twenty feet.


6. Advanced Surfers - Rest of the World

Where: Oasis Surf HousePuerto Escondido, Mexico
Surf & Stay Package: 7 Night stay & 5 days of surf lessons - $500 /£408 / €474 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5
Best Wave: Playa Zicatela - It is known as the ‘Mexican Pipeline’. Playa Zicatela’s left and right beach break peaks are often called the ‘heaviest beach break in the world’ and for good reason, it can hold up to 30 feet. These gargantuan swells are only a few times a year, with the rest of the time between 4ft – 15ft, providing a great location for advanced surfers ready to push themselves into the big stuff and score the barrel of their life!