If you're looking for that perfect place to escape to in 2013 for a solo surf holiday, then try out Lagos, Portugal.  Its golden sand beaches cater for all surfing abilities, whilst its old town houses will cater to your stomach.  Here are a few reasons why we love Lagos:
  • 1- Beautiful Surf Beaches

There are miles of surf beaches surrounding the Western Algarve city of Lagos.  Ideal for everyone from beginners through to pros, the warm weather (think 20 plus sunshine for 8 months of the year!) and consistantly great waves hitting the shore year round, will definitely satisfy your beach and surf craving.  As part of a your accommodation, or simply as an ad on if enjoying self catered, enjoy exploring the coast with your surf lesson, and getting to know fellow surfers.
  • 2- Ideal Accommodation

When you're looking to do a solo surf trip it's all about the waves and who you meet on your surf holiday.  Lagos has a great selection of places to choose, but our favourites are the Surf Experience Surf House, and Casa Offshore, as both are ideal is your travelling by yourself and want to meet likeminded people.  If you're staying at the Surf Experience Surf House you get breakfast and lunch, plus all your surf lessons included... so all you need to worry about is your surfing technique and having a laugh.
  • 3- Masses of Activities

When you've exhausted the waves for a day and fancy exploring the area of Lagos and its surroundings then there's a lot to choose from.  Snorkelling and diving are ideal as Lagos has the warmest waters around Portugal.  There are also four golf courses nearby for something more relaxing, or if you fancy more extreme sports, try out kite-surfing, quad biking, wakeboarding or even mountain-biking for a chance of pace.
  • 4- Great Nightlife

Lagos offers a lively nightlife in and around its beautiful cobblestone streets and Old Town.  The Portuguese love their food and drink, so enjoy hanging out with your new surf friends and trying out the local seafood and regional dishes.  Then with nightfall explore some of the great bars and clubs until the small hours... check out Nah Nah Bah, or Zanzibar for a place to start and see where it all takes you.