Carl Prechezer
Actors: Sean Pertwee, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ewan McGregor
Year: 1995
Random fact: Steve England was a surf double… but had to wear two wetsuits stuffed with towels in order to replicate the bigger character he was supposed to be.
Back in the mid nineties some crazy genius person thought it would be a good idea to get Sean Pertwee and Ewan McGregor surfing… Somehow a very British or maybe we should say Cornish film was born called ‘Blue Juice'. 
Set in deepest darkest Cornwall on the south western tip of the UK, Blue Juice tells the story of surfer JC (Pertwee) and his battle to decide between living the endless summer of surf, and committing to his beautiful girlfriend Chloe aka Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Throw in some random rave scene surf friends in the form of Ewan McGregor and you have yourself a classic surf film…

When it comes to surf films Blue Juice may not be one of the first to spring to mind, let alone hold the title of a legendary one, however after almost two decades and the rise of two of its stars to the Hollywood A list, Blue Juice has managed to carve out a place for its small town tale.  Filmed in and around Cornwall in places such as St Agnes, Chapel Porth, Perranporth, Newquay and Godrevy by FilmFour Productions, the film has had a steady following over the years that has meant it has been repackaged time and time again… and still makes it into many a wannabe surfer's repertoire of surf inspiration.
So the next time you fancy watching a nineties style surf film with a very quaint storyline, crack open Blue Juice and enjoy watching the cheesy surf scenes, the quaint storyline and A-list celebrities earn their money before they were mega famous.