To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.  You hear about it on TV and in the gossip columns, it seems that most of the celebrity world is on Twitter.  So who has succumbed to the tweeting phenomenon out of our favourite surfers?

Joel Parkinson. Twitter name: JoelParko.  Tweets a couple of times a day about his life on tour, hanging out with mates and how the surf is where ever he is in the world.  Classic tweet after Mick Fanning takes the World Championship title from Joel: you better be as hungover as me @Mick_Fanning ...or wer're just going to have to do it again tonight

Mick Fanning. Twitter name: Mick_Fanning.  Tweets come daily from Mick and his team.  Competition, tour results, parties and more come from the Fanning camp, yet it seems Mick always has a random word to say on his life.

Layne Beachley.  Twitter name: LayneCBeachley.  What with Layne now choosing when she competes in surf competitions, she devotes her tweeting time to other sports.  She tweets multiple times a day when her team or player needs support, mixed in with the occasional glamourous tale of an award ceremony or two.

Maya Gabeira. Twitter name: MGabeira.  Maya tweets regularly with links to pictures of where she is on the planet.  Her tweets tend to be down to earth, involving friends and family, whilst still demonstrating her love of training for big wave riding.

Travis Logie. Twitter name: TravisLogie.  Surf, surf and more surf; Travis Logie is all about tweeting about surf sessions and when he's waiting to surf.  Don't know how he finds the time to tweet- oh wait, it's when it's gone flat.  Classic tweet: surfed a fun bowl this AM , at home now bored , just ate a whole pack of jolly jammers, gonna have to surf it off later.

Sofia Mulanovich.  Twitter name: SMulanovich.  Sofia is all about the celebration of her life on Twitter.  She tweets in both Spanish and English, usually a few times a week and gives a great sense of how exciting it is to be part of the world tour.

Laird Hamilton. Twitter name: LairdJHamilton. Usually tweets once a day and written by himself, his wife Gabby or his management company.  His updates are on where he is, what wave he has just surfed, and usually links back to his website for more news and photos.

CJ & Damien Hobgood.  Twitter name: Hobgoods.  Identical twins CJ and Damien Hobgood have fun confusing us with who is tweeting, but their weekly tweets give info on what it feels like to be competing on tour, travelling the world and generally enjoying the good life.

Kelly Slater.  Twitter name: Kelly9  Kelly's tweets are few and far between sometimes- you can go months without anything.  However, when Kelly does tweet it is often brilliant one liners and insights into this surfing genius.  Classic tweet: who says the sun gives u energy. im burnt now.

Tiago Pires.  Twitter name: TiagoPires80.  Portugal's number one surfer who resides in our Surfing Portugal Holiday destination of Ericeira. Normally Tiago tweets about his life on the road and the pursuit of waves.  Sometimes he writes in English, and sometimes in Portugese... he is quite the multi-tasker, especially as he updates his twitter through facebook.