It is just so good when summer is finally here, you're basking in the sunshine, going to your favourite surf spot, or even going on a surf camp. To help maximise your surf sessions this season we've looked at the top 3 must have surf accessories:
  • 1- In the water: Go Pro
Having your own surf photos or films to play with is fun.  It is pretty amazing how much you can do with the latest Go Pros, but to begin with, get the waterproof casing, the board mount, and get filming.  Whether you have pics of you in the surf, or the view from your surfboard at the end of the session, have fun with it all.
  • 2- When it's flat: Bodyboard & Fins
On those days were the surf just isn't there we can all still have fun out in the water... thanks to a pair of fins, and maybe even a bodyboard.  Swim fins are a great option for giving your legs a workout, and will give you a chance to check out your favourite surf break. Check out the bottom of the break to get a better idea of how it works when the swell comes in.
  • 3- On land: Medicine Ball
When you're out of the water, but feel like you would like to train for your surf sessions, what you need is a medicine ball. Ideal for strengthening your core, and adding resistance to your cardio, medicine balls can be incorporated into many movements to build fitness. 
This article was added by Francesca Bingley