Being out in the ocean can be one of the most peaceful or wildest of places, but no matter what, it is food for your soul. Sounds completely cheesy, but there is something that happens to your perspective on your life when you go into the water everyday.  Things become simpler, you smile, laugh, whoop when you or your friends get waves, and you become like a child.  We love surfing, so here are our top 5 reasons why surfing is just so good for you:
  • 1. Time-out/time-in:

Surfing is an amazing way of taking time out from hectic jobs, lifestyles and situations.  When stress gets too much, or we just need a break, getting into the ocean soon makes us all forget about problems- especially when the wave picks you up and your whole being is focused on riding the wave.  It's like your brain gets a mini holiday and you come away feeling refreshed.
  • 2. Fitness:

There is a reason why professional surfers look so good- surfing sculpts our bodies and is a great workout.  Long paddles improve our stamina and builds arm and torso muscles and tone.  Then when we're not surfing, we all become aware of our fitness levels, and the surf inspires us to work out that little bit more so we can catch that wave the next time around.
  • 3. Travel:

If you ever needed an excuse to travel surfing is it.  There are waves around the world in hundreds of countries, in all sorts of climates, conditions and crowds.  Exploring new places, civilizations and ways of life is all part of what it means to enjoy surfing.  
  • 4. Attitude:

Surfing teaches you to be humble and patient.  None of us can create waves, so we all have to learn to be patient and wait for the waves to come.  There's no rushing nature, and we soon learn how small and unimportant we are when a big wave comes through.
  • 5. Beauty:

The ocean is one of the most beautiful places to be in.  Ever changing with a million colours and lights, no matter whether it is stormy or serenely glassy, surfing surrounds you with beauty.