Waking up in Hossegor is an absolute joy.  Imagine beautiful views, sunlight on the waves, the golden glow of the beach beckoning you, not to mention the prospect of pain au chocolat and coffee for breakfast, and this is only the beginning. Hossegor is the epicenter of European surf culture, attracting over 40,000 visitors during the summer and the world's best surfers for the Quiksilver Pro France in the Autumn.

Once you have started the day the French way, heading into Hossegor town centre is a must.  The town holds over 200 shops and more than enough cafes to keep you going with superb pastries and confectionaries.  Hossegor is the base for Billabong and Ripcurl, whilst Quiksilver's headquarters are only down the coast in Saint Jean de Luz, so as you can imagine, Hossegor has an extremely wide array of surf shops to visit.
It seems that everywhere you look there are shops and side streets to explore in the town.  Take your time, and enjoy the French way of life, where shopping, eating and slowing it down during the day is the order of things.  Keep an eye open for Cafe de Paris on the crossroads, as many a famous surfer will grace its coffee tables from time to time.

Once you've exhausted your capacity for surf shops, head towards Place des Landais where the main Hossegor Beach is found.  Although calm during the day, this square is where the night life will happen later on.  Make the most of Hossegor's world class beach break by booking yourself into a surf lesson, or for those more experienced, get out into the amazing barrels.  Hossegor is home to Surfing Holidays France and to the phenomenal wave La Graviere, site of the Quiksilver Pro, so be prepared to be worked by the waves.

After playing in the surf, crash out on the beach and partake in the national pastime of “une petite sieste”, ie a little napp, for you'll be needing it later.  But if falling asleep on the beach isn't your thing, then take a walk around Hossegor lake.  It is situated between the town centre and the beach, runs for approximately 7 kilometres and will take you into the adjoining town of Capbreton.  Make a point of stopping at the bridge on Avenue Paul Lahary, where you find a great view and often adrenaline junkies jumping into the lac below.

Now, the secret to dining and going out in Hossegor is to think “later”.  Everything seems to happen hours later than it would do at home.  It is normal to go for dinner at 10pm, then go out at midnight.  Head to one of the many seafood and pizza restaurants at Places des Landais, or our recommendation- Le Napoli on Avenue de la Grande Dune.

Now to party the night away, head to either Rock Food or Dick's Sand Bar at Place des Landais.  These 2 bars are where locals and travelers alike flock to dance and drink the night away.  Often rammed mid summer, this is where you can mingle with pro-surfers and enjoy the party atmosphere until the small hours of the morning.