Love them or hate them, wetsuits are a godsend for us when we want to go surf and the water is just too cold to bear (literally). Wetsuits aren't cheap, so here's the best way to look after your suit and make your investment last that bit longer for your next surf holiday:
Car/changing bag

Invest in a changing bag that you can stand in whilst changing out of your wetsuit, it will help stop you from trampling your wetsuit into muddy or concrete ground.  The changing bag can then be tightened up to create a watertight bag that will happily transport your wetsuit home and prevent your car from smelling of delightful mildew.
Wash it out

Here's the part where you can't be lazy- wash out your wetsuit. The salt left behind in your wetsuit from the ocean will dry out the suit and wear it out, so rinse out your wetsuit in cold water after you've been for a surf.
Dry it out

Drying out your wetsuit is essential.  Dampness will rot away at your suit, make it smell disgusting and feels awful to put on- no one likes that.  So simply hang up your suit, initially inside out, and then once the inside is dry, turn it rightside, and dry the outside...all ready for when you next want it.
Repair it

As your wetsuit gets older there may be stress points that crack or holes that appear.  These can easily be mended by using a neoprene binding product such as Black Witch.  Simply apply the substance to the dry, clean tear and allow to bind, making sure you leave plenty of time for it to set.
Wetsuit shampoo

This is a special treatment just cos you love your wetsuit.  Every once in a while you can treat your wetsuit to an anti-bacterial/getting rid of pee residue wash.  Yes I said it... we all know that if you need to go in the ocean, then the majority of surfers just go... so help your wetsuit smell and feel nice by rinsing it out with a wetsuit shampoo.