Surfing is one of the most rewarding yet demanding sports out there.  It requires stamina, balance, flexibility, speed, and strength; and that's before raising the mental aspects to reading the waves and positioning yourself correctly in the ocean. Its diverse and every changing nature is one of the reasons why it is simply so fun to do, and why it is also such a good workout... 
So when you're not in the waves, or on your learn to surf holiday, there are some training techniques you can put in place to help maintain or improve your fitness.  One of these techniques is crosstraining, which means you need variation in order to maximise your fitness and prepare for the ever changing conditions of the ocean.  Here are the core areas to focus on: 
  • 1- Exercise

The more you can vary your workout routine the better, as your body will adapt quickly to doing the same sport or workout everyday.  So in order to challenge your body, and work different muscle groups, vary what you are doing.  
Think circuit training, swimming, running, weights, kettlebells, crossfit, pilates, yoga, dance, rockclimbing, karate... the list goes on.  Mixing it all up means that you wont get board, and the next time you're in the waves you'll be able to adapt quickly to what's in front of you.
  • 2- Diet

Just as important as exercising is what you are putting into your body.  There is no point putting hours of hard work in at the gym, if you then go home and eat a tub of ice-cream.  
Learning about what suits your body, what feeds and nourishes it, and what helps to repair and refuel after a workout takes time, but is well worth it.  Make a point of seeing how you feel after eating meals- whether you feel sluggish and bloated, or initially energised only to crash, or sustained and energised until your next meal?  Everyone is different, so only you will know what works for you.
  • 3- Rest

Often overlooked, giving yourself recuperation time after a tough workout is essential to allowing your body to recover and become fitter.  Just as after a surf session there is nothing better than collapsing on the beach for some sunbathing time, the same goes for a strong workout.  
Muscles need time to heal if you've been using weights, and will repair faster if you allow them a rest period of a day or two. It's all about finding the balance with crosstraining, so experiment with the exercise, diet, rest combination and listen to your body in order to really enjoy your time on your surf holiday.
This article was added by Francesca Bingley