It's getting colder out in the surf, and sometimes we can't help it... we start to daydream of warmer surf spots.  Instead of trying to give a cold dose of reality, we thought we'd indulge in exploring our favourite surf destination of the month: Lagos, Portugal

What is it about the beautiful Atlantic maritime town that makes it such a good surf holiday destination?  The sense of culture and history?  The miles and miles of surf beaches, or simply some of the warmest weather and waters in Europe throughout the year?  The Algarve town of Lagos boasts a rich history dating back to 2,000 years ago, and at one point was even the capital of Portugal during the 15th century.  The town has kept many marks of its royal heritage, from city walls and cobblestone streets, to quaint cafes and restaurants that all bring a sense of heritage.
Along side the lively atmosphere of Lagos that acts as one of the best surf destinations in the summer for families, comes the relaxed autumn/winter season.  Lagos provides stunning beaches for surfers of all levels, especially when venturing along the coast.  The region is blessed with numerous uncrowded beaches that are protected national parklands.  Make sure you check out Amoreira, Amado and Arrifana for stunning surf beaches.

On top of all the dream surf spots, Lagos is also one of the best activity holiday destinations, as you can go mountain biking, snorkelling, scuba diving, rock climbing, and even wakeboarding around the region.

After all the learning to surf, or exploring the activities, there is nothing better than trying out the delicious regional cuisine. Make sure you discover the mouthwatering fresh seafood dishes, and of course, wash it down with a local brew or two. Lagos has a lively nightlife, so you will be free to party as little or as much as you like, before waking the next day to another chance to improve your surfing in the uncrowded waves of the Algarve... Can't wait to see you out there.