Day dreaming about where you will surf, what you will wear, and what you will eat during your surf holiday is all part of the build up.  If you are lucky enough to be going surfing in Portugal, then you are going to be in for a treat with the delicious variety of food on offer.  To help you on your culinary way, we've picked out three of the main dishes found around the country that you will have to try...Bom apetite.
  • 1- Bacalhau

This is a very popular dish made of salted cod.  Where Portugal has such a large access to the ocean, seafood is very popular and easy to get hold of.  Bacalhau can be cooked in a variety of different ways, so expect to see different regional versions on offer such as salted cod with potatoes, onion, and topped with an egg, sometimes boiled, sometimes scrambled etc. Either way, the results are mouthwatering.
  • 2- Cozido à Portuguesa

If you're feeling very hungry after taking part in your surf school in Portugal, then reach for the Cozido à Portuguesa.  It's a type of beef hotpot, filled with potatoes, vegetables and lots of sausages, with rice on the side.  Again it can be found throughout Portugal so there will always be different variations to try out.
  • 3- Pão de Ló

After satiating your appetite for mains, then indulging in something for your sweet tooth has to be done.  Try the popular Pão de Ló, a sponge cake that is normally flavoured with orange juice, lemon, cinnamon, port wine or Maderia.  You'd be forgiven for having to try every flavour you can find.