When the waves drop or simply you drop from lots of surfing, why not make the most of your surf holidays in Fuerteventura and go explore.  The island is stunning: protected landscape, enormous ancient volcanoes and miles upon miles of coastline to discover. 

One of the best ways to get about on the island is to hire your own car or jeep for a day - you can do this in the town of Corralejo no problem.  Having the freedom to stop where you want, go off road and keep your own timing is something very special on this island.  If you really don't fancy driving on the right hand side of the road, then there are tours and buses available to get you about, but it will of course be a lot slower.

So, where to?  Close to Corralejo is the national sand dune park near Las Grandes Playas.  The golden sand blown over from the Sahara desert has collected over the ages and made stunning sand dunes for you to scramble up.  Offering spectacular panoramic views and a true sense of the island's volcanic origins, the dunes are a must see.

From the dunes, head into the wilderness on a desert walk and enjoy the corse brush and the wild shrubs that survive the blistering heat and winds.  For a more extreme adventure drive to the volcanoes, and explore the winding roads that will take you to the foothills of the mythic sites.  Each volcano is named, and often have shrines hidden in their foothills.  At the summit of the Volcano Tindaya you will find the erie Majorero warrior statues, monuments to the ancient island tribe that were wiped out by invading Europeans.

If you are a sun worshipper and there is the unfortunate cloudy day, then head south and try out a new sport.  About an hour and a half's drive away from Corralejo is La Costa Calma and Jandia.  Here the sun is almost always shining, and there are some great areas where you can try out wind surfing and kite surfing.  The area is also good for a spot of shopping, as there are random complexes along the way. 

A closer alternative to Jandia for kite and wind surfing is found at Flagbeach.  The beach places host to three zones: surfing (near the Rui hotel), Kite Surfing and then Wind Surfing.  There are often schools there, especially as Fuerteventura is known for its year around wind.

If you fancy escaping the island for a while, then head to Corralejo's harbour and take the daily ferry to Lanzarote.  Ferries run approximately every 2 hours, and the voyage takes about 20mins.  Just remember to go early in the morning as the shops close during the afternoon.

For something a bit faster paced there are numerous places that rent out quad or dirt bikes in Corralejo.  Also, there are a lot of running and cycling routes, so take your workout gear if you want to join in with all the running enthusiasts.

So whatever you do, explore, enjoy and don't be afraid to literally go off the beaten track.