Every summer it seems like there is only one place to be found when it comes to surf holidays: South West France. Miles and miles of golden sand beaches stretch from the border of Spain passed the Pyrenees up to the Western tip at Brest forming the stunning Atlantic coastline.
Some of the best surf in world is found buffeting the infamous regions of the Basque country and the Pyrenee Atlantique. So here's a mini guide as to where to head to this summer so you can book yourself the perfect surf holiday France.  
  • Hossegor/Capbreton

For decades the barreling waves of Hossegor and Capbreton have called the best surfers from around the world.  Home to the Quiksilver Pro France every September, Hossegor is where the European surfing community meet up every summer for learn to surf holidays or to improve their technique.  Each summer offers some of the best waves, wildest parties, exceptional food and most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen.  The place is unique and will make you fall in love with its beach breaks and culture rich lifestyle.
  • Anglet

Sometimes it's hard to tell where Anglet ends and Biarritz begins.  The two towns seem to merge somewhere in amongst the flashy surf stores that line the main boulevards.  Anglet is known for its surf outlets and for its relaxed family beach vibe. The beach break waves are easy and fun during the summer, but even better when the September swells start to push through.  So get planning, even if it's a late summer surf holiday in France.
  • Biarritz

This chic town is the south west's answer to the South of France's St Tropez.  Stylish hotels, boutiques and restaurants line Biarritz's streets, all leading you to the stunning surf beach La Grande Plage, where the infamous casino overlooks the chateau on the island.  Biarritz was one of the first places that surfing started in France, back in the 1950s.  It is the town where French surfing history is celebrated every year by surf exhibitions, and of course in the current surf contest the Roxy Jam Pro that is about to run 11th to 17th July.
  • Bayonne

Not a surf break, but the capital of the French Basque region.  Definitely worth a visit to take in the culture.  The city is a bit of shopping mecca, and there are more than a fair share of shops selling the traditional red berets, paintings of the bull fights, and of course, an overwhelming amount of wine.  Look out for the cultural celebration of the Fetes de Bayonne. The festival that runs the last week of July, which is one of the biggest in France.
  • Guethary

Delicious regional Gateau Basque will meet up in the patisseries en route to the rock break that has so many short and long boarder frothing to surf year after a year. Guethary is is your typical Basque town, with the chocolate box like white washed houses, green, red or blue window shutters and doors, and yet another amazing surf break to discover.