In the depths of a bleak mid winter there exists a warm island in the sun.  Great surf, delicious food, and a laid back way of life, sounds like a distant dream for those of us who live and work in the cold dark countries of northern Europe?  Not so, all these inspiring things exist on our doorstep- on the island of Fuerteventura.  So it was time for a sneaky winter surf holiday in the sun...

Last month I was blessed with the opportunity to visit once again the beautiful Canarian Island of Fuerteventura.  Lying less than 100km off the coast of Morocco and the Western Sahara, it receives over 320 days of sunshine a year and has average daily temperatures of 20 degrees even during winter.  The water temperature rarely drops below 19 degrees, and the island benefits from incredible surf courtesy of the Atlantic Ocean's swells.  In a nutshell, it's a sun and surf European destination of choice during the winter months.

Your average day would be spent cruising around in the morning with your surf school, or in your hire car- if going it alone, looking for the best surf spot and exploring the incredible volcanic beaches.  The island is famous for its Mars like appearance, what with the dead volcanoes, arid landscape and red rocks littering the sweeping open plains.  The west coast and surrounding northern shore of Fuerteventura receives the best swell and plays host to some incredible waves. On any given day you can see professional surfers in the barrels out back, whilst beginner surfers learn in the white water near the shore.

Once your surf spot has been chosen, it's time to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine and waves.  Lazy days at the beach are part of the way of life in Fuerteventura.  If you have set up on a beach close to the town of Correlejo, then you would see just how much locals, visitors and holidaymakers love the outdoor and beach life here.  The island has a way of calling people outside and to the beach at any point of the day.  It's all about the beach siesta, and then a sneaky afternoon surf if you can get it.
When taking part in a surf lesson for the first time, you will be taught all about the basics, safety in the water, and how to make the most of your time in the surf... and hopefully will see you getting to your feet in no time.  For those who are well on their way with their surfing, expert tips and advice are given on how to improve and maximize their technique, all in the comfort of warm water and sunshine.  Makes a well welcomed change from grey cold waves of home.

After spending the day at beach and having relaxed to your core, it's time to get ready for a night out- Spanish style.  The majority of visitors to Fuerteventura stay in Corralejo, which is the perfect location to be close to the surf, andl has all the shops, restaurants, bars and clubs that you could wish for.  
If you want to keep things simple and chilled after a day of surfing, then head out for a relaxed dinner.  However, if it's party time, then head out at 10pm for a very late dinner, and then after 12am for the clubs.  In Fuerteventura, everything is slower and more relaxed- even the fiesta.