We all know that for the majority of the year the idea of hitting the surf in just a rash vest and boardshorts would be suicidal. However, when it comes to Spring/Summer surf holidays in Portugal, France and Fuerteventura, the water temperatures can actually warrant investing in a rashy and boardies.  So here a a few tips to help you choose your items for your next warm water surf holiday:
Long Sleeves vs Short Sleeves
  • It's really important to think about how long you will in the water for when you are choosing your rash vest.  Most rashies will be the equivalent to a SPF 50, but they are a short sleeve or sleeveless design your arms will need some very good sun factor on to help prevent burning.
  • When choosing your rash vest, think about whether you will be using it under your wetsuit the rest of the year.  It is really important to think about how comfortable it will be under your suit, and whether there are any seams that may irritate you anywhere when you paddle.
Guys and Girls Boardshorts
  • One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your boardshorts is how secure they are.  Wetsuits don't go anywhere in a wipeout, but boardshorts can.  Powerful waves can easily strip you of your clothing, so your boardies need to be snug, as water will expand them slightly, and the waist needs to be a mixture of velcro, a tie and possibly elasticated (for the girls).  All basic advice, but can save you a lot of embarrassment in the water.
  • For the guys- longer length is better unless you are going for the 50s look, and for girls, often the shorter, running short look, is more flattering.