If you're thinking of heading off to go surfing Fuerteventura, or maybe on a learn to surf holiday, then preparation is key. Even though we may be in Winter, and the majority of our time is spent fighting the elements, getting ready for your winter surf holiday is a must.  Here are our top 3 tips for how to get ready for your winter surf holiday so you can enjoy every moment of it:
  • 1- Packing

Love it or hate it, packing for your holiday has to happen.  So embrace the task and bring that surf holiday that little bit closer by getting in the mood.  All our surf destinations provide all the gear you need to get in the surf- wetsuits, rash vest, and of course, your surfboard.  However, if you're lucky enough to have your own, then enjoying getting your board out, re-waxing it, and dreaming about the waves you'll be catching.  If you're flying to your holiday, make sure you take into account how much your suitcase weight to avoid airline baggage charges, and wrap up your surfboard well to avoid dings of course.
  • 2- Prepping

If you are heading south for the winter, and visiting the far sunnier climates of a surf camp in Fuerteventura or another Canary Island for example, remember to get your body ready as well as your summer wardrobe.  Even though we're all covered up in Northern Europe, once you step off the plane into 20+ temperatures you'll be wanting to look good in your summer clothes once again.  Whether this means working out more (double bonus of looking great as well as being a fitter surfer!), getting a bit of a fake tan, or even just investing in some good body moisturiser, you'll thank yourself for your effort when you arrive and feel confident.
  • 3- Pictures

If you have been surfing before look at your photos to help remind you of what you needed to take with you, or what you really needed but didn't have!  You can never have too much sunscreen for both face and body when surfing, especially if you're looking at a pic of yourself where you are more lobster coloured than tanned.  Take inspiration from your holiday surfing pics for what to pack and prepare for.  Also, remember to take your camera... nothing better than lots of funny photos of your time away, so even when you're home you can still enjoy reliving the dream.  
Merry Christmas, and happy surfing over the holidays!