Sometimes accidents just happen... like when you accidentally wack your surfboard either on the car park concrete (oops) or on the rock reef (nooooo!).  So what do you do when somehow your lovely old/new board has a gapping hole indented in its side?  
It's time to break out the ‘how to' guide and learn how to start repairing dings.  One of the first things to learn is whether you can fix something.  Don't risk damaging your board further if you don't feel like you can actually fix it.  Start off small with things like small indentations or a cracked nose.

One of your best friends will be solar resins- these are pre-mixed resins that will cure (dry) when exposed to UV light.  Ideal for when you need a fix in a hurry and for repairing small dings, all you need to do is:
  1. sand the ding with some sandpaper
  2. clean the area
  3. apply the solar resin
  4. leave in the sunshine for a few minutes, and hey presto your board is cured.  
  • Tip: use a wooden stick to smooth the resin into place and create a smooth finish.

For when things are a bit more serious, it's time to get the resin mixing kit out.  Gauze, resin, setting agent, wooden stick and sandpaper at the ready.  
  1. sand the area in need of repair
  2. clean the area
  3. cut out circular gauze pieces (the deeper the ding, the more pieces)
  4. mix the resin and setting agent according to the instructions
  5. apply a layer of resin with the wooden stick
  6. apply the first sheet of gauze
  7. put a layer of resin over the guaze
  8. repeat the process until the ding is all but gone
  9. make sure you cover the whole area in resin
  10. allow to set for at least 3 hours in sunlight, or up to 8 hours overnight
  11. once resin has completely set, use a fine sandpaper to sand the repair down... and you will be good to go.