He’s the most successful surfer in the world with 11 world titles to his name as well as being the world’s youngest ever champion when he won it at 20, before becoming the oldest, when he won it again at 39.

As well as being the greatest surfer we’ve ever seen, he’s also a thriving businessman with him being part of ‘Purps’ energy and health drinks, his clothing brand ‘OuterKnown’, collaborating with PBTeen for a furniture line and of course his mind melting wave pool which blew up the surf world which we are sure to see more of very soon. The guy makes the rest of us feel… kind of lazy!

So if you need some advice on how to get the best out of yourself or need some inspiration whilst enjoying your downtime on your surf holiday, watch Kelly’s words of wisdom below.

Do we now add motivational speaker to Kelly’s already never ending list of talents?

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Photo by: BurroBando