Learning to surf should be on everyone's bucket list regardless of how old or young they are.  There are few things that are as fun, freeing, or rewarding in life, as getting into the ocean and playing in the surf.  It can be away on holiday, or in the colder waves of a home beach break, either way surfing is one of the best activities you can start this year.  So if you feel like it is finally time for you to get your wetsuit on and jump into the ocean, here are a few basic tips to get you started:
  • 1- Learn with others

Some of the best times you will have learning to surfing will be as part of a group.  Surfing may look effortless, but the process of learning to catch waves, stand up, and actually ride your surfboard can take a while to learn... However, amazingly learning to do this is a lot of fun, especially when you are having a laugh with other learners.  So when first starting out it's worth booking either a surf camp, or even just a few lessons, so you get your techniques right and share in just how funny it is learning how to fall off your surfboard in style.
  • 2- Don't over think it

Sometimes when faced with a new challenge we will all come up with reasons why we will fail, or excuses to get out of it. Even though we really want to learn to surf. we may be nervous about wearing a wetsuit for the first time, or even how we will fare in the ocean.  Our advice is- don't over think your decision... follow your desire to get into the waves.  There is nothing like the feeling of doing something you've always wanted to do, so be brave and enjoy that sense of achievement you'll get.
  • 3- Get your kit sorted

When you're first surfing you need to have the right equipment for your conditions.  If you're thinking of getting in the water in Northern Europe any time soon, then a full winter wetsuit, wetsuit gloves and boots, and possibly even a hood will be in order.  You can easily hire these, or often they will be part of your surf school deal.  If you're lucky enough to escape to the sun (think of surfing Fuerteventura) then all you'll need will be board shorts and a rash vest, or a summer shorty wetsuit. These aren't expensive, but if you don't want to invest in them straight away, then again you can get them from your surf school, camp, or local surf shop.  So get what you need and get into the waves as soon as possible and enjoy yourself!