Feeling that first wave of excitement when you know you're going to learn to surf is amazing. Making the decision to get out in the surf with a surf board is a lot easier than a people think, but the secret is to do it somewhere warm and get yourself a surf instructor.  So what should you expect when your first learning?
  • 1- Preparation is key

If you can get some swim training in before you have your first surf lesson you'll feel more confident about your fitness levels, and being in the waves.  Often we make up stories of how things are going to turn out, so focus on how much fun you're going to have, and just how good it's going to feel to be surfing for the first time... because it really is that much fun.
  • 2- Being looked after

One of the best things about learning to surf with a surf instructor is knowing that you will have everything you need taken care of.  Whether it's your wetsuit and rash vest, or having the right surfboard to get you up and riding, your instructor will pick it out for you, so you know you've got the best gear.
  • 3- Surf lessons

The ideal surf lesson takes place in and out of the water, and always starts on the beach.  You're surf instructor will take you through all the ocean safety you need to know, then will teach you how to paddle your surfboard, how to pop up, and then how to ride your board.  You get to practice everyone on the sand before hitting the waves, so you'll know what to do when it comes to getting out there and having fun.
  • 4- Getting in the surf

There's nothing like the first time you catch a wave, whether it's simply lying on your surfboard, or hopping to your feet. The feeling of being propelled by the wave's energy is exhilarating, and will leave you wanting a whole lot more... And that is how every surfer you've ever seen surfing beautifully out in the surf started.  Even the professional surfers that make it look effortless started as we all do- with a first wave that probably looked pretty simple, wobbly, and ungraceful, yet in that wave would have started the desire to keep trying because it just felt so good.