The Nixon Surf Challenge 2016 in conjunction with Monster Energy, Reef, Lomography and Jam Traction went off in fun and sunny conditions, showcasing just why there is so much hype around Ireland surf trips.

After five days exploring the rugged beauty that Ireland’s west coast is famous for, it was Chippa Wilson who took home the spoils of this unforgettable event. Chippa Wilson, who narrowly missed out in the Icelandic event four years ago finally got the win after the votes were cast by the other contestants.

“This is what it’s all about. To get that recognition from your peers after the best part of a week exploring the country and chasing waves feels more satisfying and fulfilling than any heat victory. What a trip!” said a stoked Chippa.

Ireland’s most famous surfer and environmentalist Fergal Smith who is in his own political competition as a Green Party candidate had this to say:

“I was really happy Nixon chose to come to Ireland. It meant a lot having the guys here. I don’t get to see them as much as I used to since I made my decision to stop flying. We didn’t have loads of waves, but I really enjoyed showing them around, and we got to do a few other fun things. Getting everyone in the garden was amazing – I never thought I would see Sancho roll up his sleeves like that!”

Nixon Surf Challenge event director, Henning Erlandsen summarised the event by adding:

“The beautiful thing about Ireland is its unpredictability – you never know which Ireland you’re going to score when you go there. That element of unpredictability lies at the core of the Nixon Surf Challenge, and the tropical weather combined with those unique surf spots and culture will live long in the memory of everyone lucky enough to experience this year’s adventure. Who knows where we’ll go next…”

Watch the video below and get inspired to book your very own Ireland surf trip.

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Photo by: Surf Holidays