Have you ever seen a surfing trip that didn’t involve boards?
Well Instagram star, maker of treehouses and photography guru Foster Huntington has made a surf clip that has to be seen to be believed.

Using the same technology your favourite movies use, Foster, Trevor Gordon, Ryan Burch, Spencer Gordon, Travers Adler, Johanese Gamble, Casey Price, Shelby Menzel , Will Adler, Erin Feinblatt and Andrew Schoener… phew, used green surfboards to make a frankly magical surf clip!

Filmed over the winter at a Californian sandbar they surf with a fluidity that is seldom seen when you can see a board under the feet. It allows you to see what tiny movements go into surfing a wave and gives the viewer a sense of wonderment that you only feel when you take up surfing for the first time.

So even if you are a salty sea dog who thinks you’ve seen it all, sit back and see surfing for the first time…again!

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Photo by: Mel Stoutsenberger