We are happy to announce that Surf Holidays has acquired United Surf Camps and will be welcoming them into our family.

Founded by Robert Sablestrom and Johan Sigurdson in 2006, United Surf Camps was launched with the idea of having one surf camp in every surf town in the world bookable on its website. 

The United Surf Camps site will continue to operate over the coming months using our technology to power it, allowing travellers to book surf camps in over 118 different surf towns.

We will work to include United Surf Camps listings in more than 25 countries on our surf holiday marketplace, Surfholidays.com. All of these listings have testimonials, high quality photos and detailed information of what can be expected when you visit them. 

“From beach houses to surf boutique hotels to apartments overlooking the surf, Surf Holidays has always been focused on providing a broad range of accommodation, lessons, surf guides & equipment to get you closer to the surf,” says founder and CEO Nicky Kelly. “The work United Surf Camps has done offering an amazing experience focusing on surf camps only brings more high quality listings to the Surf Holidays platform and will help us continue our growth in the area for years ahead.”