Why do we love staring at the ocean for hours on end without getting bored? There is something so mysterious about the ocean, its waves and the surf. It drives us to seek out new experiences in its waters, and find new ways to incorporate it into our lives.  One of the beautiful ways in which we bring the ocean into our ordinary days is through architecture.  
Around the world architects have used the beauty of the surf to inspire and infiltrate their designs, creating some of the most spectacular buildings of the past century.  Here are a few of our favourites from around the globe:
1- The Wave
Apartments, Vejle, Denmark

2- Casa Batllo
Gaudi Apartments, Barcelona, Spain

3- Aqua
Skyscraper apartments, Chicago, USA

4- Opera House
Performing Arts Venue, Sydney, Australia

5- The Wave
Skyscraper apartments, Gold Coast, Australia

6- La Rioja, Bodegas Ysios
Vineyard and winery, Laguardia, Spain