There are so many amazing and notoriuos waves out there. We have spent hours and hours debating which would make our top 10 and have finally come up with a definitive list come up with the list below. It will probably cause more and more debate and arguments (we hope it does anyway!!!). Take a look at our list below and daydream of riding them one day...

1. Waimea, Oahu, Hawaii

Feared by the locals and tourists alike, Waimea bay has been shrouded in mystery for centuries.  Waimea works when the waves get big, really big.  Home to the prestigious Eddie Aikau competition, Waimea is the playground for the epic contest where invitees paddle into 25ft plus waves.

Take a look at it in motion:

2. La Graviere, Hossegor, France

Drawing in the best surfers in the world, La Graviere at Hossegor is like a washing machine when the autumn storms hit the Atlantic coast of France.  Providing big, heavy and world class barrels, Quiksilver holds the Pro France competition there each September. Its also one of our most popular destinations, as well as expert surf its a great place to take a "learn to surf holiday"

3. Mundaka, Basque Country, Spain

This left-hand tube is one of the heaviest waves in Europe.  Located in the Basque Region of Spain, it attracts a strong European following with its unique culture.  Much to the pros delight, it is the site for the WCT Billabong Pro every October. Located an hour from Zarautz, one of our Spanish Surfing holiday destinations.

4. Aileen's, County Clare, West Coast of Ireland

Aileen's is a true revelation for European surfing.  Holding gigantic waves of over 40ft plus, big wave riders make pilgrimages to this right-hand reef break.  Accessible only by a 2 mile boat or jet-ski ride, this Irish monster has raised the bar for tow-in surfing in Europe. John McCarthy who gives our surf lessons from his surf school in Lahinch, Ireland is a regular surfer at Aileen's

5. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

Home of the Pipeline Masters every December and of probably the most photographed wave in the world. Pipeline is one of the most technically difficult waves out there. With Pipe it's all about the near vertical drop the surfer takes to survive the wall of water rushing overhead. 

6. Teahupoo, Tahiti

The sapphire coloured waters of Tahiti belie the deadly power of one of the heaviest waves in the world.  Teahupoo derives its name from a local legend and translates roughly as “the place of the broken skull”.  Since 1999 the wave has gained in notoriety with its rise to the WCT tour.

7. Supertubes, Jefferys Bay, South Africa

J Bay's famed wave has one of the best right-handers on the planet.  It provides long clean rides when at its best, and challenges even the pros with its limb burning length of ride.  It plays host to the WCT Billabong Pro each year.

8. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Often called Mexican Pipe, Puerto Escondido is a very heavy wave and seriously goes off in spring/summer.  Famed for being the breeding ground for expert local surfers, it now attracts the world surf scene since the Ripcurl Search went there in 2006.

9. Raglan, New Zealand

The left-hander on the west coast of New Zealand is home to some of the longest rides out there.  Consisting of over 600m of breaking wave, wrapped around the iconic point break, Raglan has been popular with longboarders in particular since it featured in “The Endless Summer” film in 1966.

10. Cyclops, Western Australia

This fat malformed wave is one of the scariest out there.  It is famous for its thick slab and for jacking up from a few feet to overhead in a second.  It is rarely ridden in comparison to the other featured waves, but it is still incredibly iconic.

We could have continued up to 20 as there are definitely some epic waves left out -  let us know your choice by adding a comment below....