If you’ve ever wanted to know what surfing in Spain, Portugal and France is like then this video is a must watch!

It captures the essence and beauty of today’s European surf trip.
Produced by French video production company Atlantic Drones they’ve managed to make one of the best surf drone videos we’ve seen, showing the fun and enjoyment that is had when surfing in these iconic countries.

The video shows off the glorious weather, surf and natural surroundings of these fantastic surf towns. Spots such as Hossegor in France, Spain’s most famous wave Mundaka and Portugal’s world famous big wave spot, Nazare all get the drone treatment, showing why these spots are admired the world over.

Fantastically filmed, there is some great surfing in the video. Keep an eye on Guethary from the 2.38-minute mark to see some super long right hand waves which are surfed expertly by an unknown long-boarder, making turn after turn on an unbelievably long wave!

Watch the video below and if you want to go surfing in Spain, Portugal or France visit Surf Holidays for the best surf camps and lessons around. 

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Photo by: Pukas Zarautz