Ericeira surf holidays offer you the chance to relax in a traditional Portuguese town that mixes the nuances of a vibrant surf town with old school traditional values perfectly.
You won’t find many other tourists in this part of Portugal which is perfect for scoring the region’s many fantastic waves.

With 12 surf beaches and some other secret spots scattered over the 8km stretch of coastline, you will always find fantastic waves for surfers of all abilities from reeling points, hollow reefs and gentle beaches all situated next to each other.
In February 2011 Ericeira was awarded the title of Europe´s first ‘World Surf Reserve’ showing just how incredible the Ericeira surf town really is. There are only three others in the world with two being in Australia and one in the US.

As you can imagine an Ericeira surf holiday is a relaxing experiencing, expect to spend time chatting to elder locals on the waterfront, eating delicious fresh fish dinners outside in the warm Portuguese air and exploring the town’s many intricate streets and squares that offer the perfect place to refuel after a surf with a delicious coffee and pastel de nata!

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Photo by: Villa Ana Margarida Hotel