When was the last time you surfed?  This morning, yesterday, a week ago or a month?  Or is it even longer?  No one blames you if you can't face the freezing waters of northern Europe, so if you need distracting whilst you wait for warmer surf, for some swell or for a surf holiday, take a look at our top 5 activities to keep you fit, healthy and ready for the surf.
1. Watch Surf Competitions Online

When the weather, life and general lack of surf is really getting you down, it's great to be able to simply turn on the internet and find a surf contest being broadcast.  Watching the incredible professional surfers in Hawaii rip apart powerful waves will help to see you through the winter days, and help inspire you to keep training.  Check out January's competitions here.
2. Take up Yoga or Pilates

How does your body feel in and out of the water at the moment?  Is winter getting the better of you?  Time to limber up and get your body surf fit again.  Even though you may not be surfing all the time, or at all, doesn't stop you from improving your surf technique and fitness levels.  Why not take up Yoga or Pilates to help tone, strengthen and improve flexibility for your next surf session.
3. Eat Right

Feeling great whilst you surf is often down to what you eat. Getting the balance right for your training in the lead up to a surf is essential and a great way to keep yourself occupied when there is no surf.  Ask yourself what you want to improve on: more energy, strength, loose those extra Christmas pounds, or even flexibility.  You are what you eat, so look at what you want to achieve and vary your diet.  Just remember that any change in diet needs to be teamed with a good workout program to really boost your health and improve your body.
4. Plan a Trip

There are few things better or more exciting than planning a surf trip.  This could be anything from trying out a new break, going on a road trip or even a surf holiday to a county you have never visited.  If you really need a big distraction, then plan a big trip to somewhere far flung, like Indonesia, Australia or Hawaii and daydream away.
5. Cardio

If you really are fed up of not surfing, but there are still no waves- then there is only one solution.  Go do some cardio.  It may not give you the same buzz as surfing, but doing a full on workout where you get properly sweaty, out of breath and tired by the end of it, will really help you to get your extra energy out.