A while ago we wrote an article on great surf movies on Netflix and it proved so popular we decided to do a Top 5 Surf Films on Netflix 2016 edition. So whether you’re spending an evening with the other half, chilling out on your surf holidays or need some stoke prior to a surf, these five surf films on Netflix right now will provide the answer. Check them out below:  

Endless Summer/ Endless Summer 2
We’ll start the list with two surf films on Netflix, but two films that should be at the start of any surf video list! The Endless Summer and The Endless Summer 2 are the work of Bruce Brown with the first being made in 1960 following Mike Hynson and Robert August on a world-wide surf trip, showing the style of longboards and single fins back then.
The second movie made in the 90’s follows Robert ‘Wingnut’ Weaver and Pat O’Connell embarking on the same style of trip as Mike and Robert 30 years previous.
They even get to surf Witches Rock with Robert!
The first video shows Mike and Rob surfing Cape St Francis for the first time, the second shows the trailer from Endless Summer 2.

180° South
This documentary/feature film follows Jeff Johnson and others as he sets about going on a trip to Patagonia where he was inspired by the founder of North Face, Doug Tompkins and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard’s trip to the region in 1968. It’s not back to back surfing but will definitely light a fire in you to get out and explore areas off the beaten path.


Hawaiian: The Legend Of Eddie Aikau

This ESPN special documents the life and stories of Hawaiian ocean legend Eddie Aikau. Many will recognise the name from Quiksilver’s Eddie contest and the phrase “Eddie would go”.
This film details the life of the legendary North Shore lifeguard and big wave surfer who ultimately gave the ultimate sacrifice in trying to save others; his life.



Isolated is a true surf adventure documentary that follows Travis Potter, Jenny Useldinger, Spencer Frame, Josh Fuller, Jimmy Rotherham and Andrew Mooney as they head to West Papua, New Guinea in the hunt for un-surfed waves and potential set-ups, encountering political unrest and learn about new cultures whilst there.
A must watch to see the ups and downs of heading to untouched countries for surfing trips.

Bra Boys – Blood is thicker than water

This gripping documentary narrated by Russell Crowe shines a light on the Bra Boys, surfing’s most notorious surf gang that hails from Maroubra, Australia and counts pro surfers Koby Abberton, Evan Faulks and Richie Vas as some of its members.
Receiving many film awards and industry recognition this story on surfing’s most notorious gang has to be seen to be believed!


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Photo by: Global Panorama