It doesn't get much better than enjoying every day in the waves and the sunshine of your surf holiday.  However there is one thing that can really scupper your fun- sunburn.  Being in the water magnifies the suns strength, and means that we all need to be clever with how we protect ourselves.  Here are our top tips for preventing sunburn whilst out in the water surfing.

  • 1- Pre-apply sunscreen
Try applying your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before hitting the surf.  It will give the block time to be absorbed by your skin, and not washed off straight away.  Also remember to share your sun-factor, as there will always be a time when you're stuck without it and will need to borrow some.
  • 2- Invest in broad-spectrum factors
Look for sunblocks that have a 4 or 5 star rating and that have a ‘broad spectrum' filter.  A 5 star spf15 will be better than a 1 star spf50, and the broad spectrum filter will protect you from UVA, UVB and even UVC light in some cases. 
  • 3- Reapply regularly

Being in the surf and then towel drying after your session will rub off your sunscreen, so make sure you reapply every couple of hours, or after drying off.
  • 4- Higher factors
A lot of people think that if you use a high factor you wont tan.  Not true, even with high factors your skin will naturally build up a healthy tan.  Make sure you use a minimum of an spf15 all the way up to an spf50 for intense sun.
  • 5- Zinc it

If you're surfing all day and tend to catch the sun on your face and ears, use a full zinc block.  It's a physical barrier, so you can see the zinc products on your skin.  Most people opt for the white creams, but they come in all sorts of shades so have fun... pink, green, blue... match it to your surf spot of choice.
  • 6- Avoid peak hours
If you are particularly fair try to avoid the midday sun as this is the most intense of the day.  Opt instead for early morning or sunset surfs when the sun is weaker.  These happen to be some of the most beautiful times to surf, as well as better conditions in the early morning.
  • 7- Cover up
A simple solution in the surf is to where a rash vest.  Modern rash vests tend to have the equivalent of an spf50, and they also help you to stop sliding off your board if you are covered in sunblock.  Obviously wetsuits will also protect you from the sun, whilst if your head is a go to glow area, where a hat.  Just be careful duck diving.
  • 8- On hand
Always keep some sun-factor with you as it's amazing how quickly you can burn in some countries.  Even if it is cloudy, make sure you slop on the factor as there is nothing worse than burning your first day and being stuck inside when the swell hits.