If you have been living in the northern part of Europe for the past 4 months you will know a think or two about hibernating. What with the short daylight hours, super cold and wet weather and general January blues, you would be forgiven for forgetting that there is a sun up there in the sky.  
However, first things first- if you have booked yourself a winter-pick-me-up surf holidays, or are thinking about it, then thinking about what to pack may require some assistance.  To help you prep for your holiday in the sun we have come up with a quick top 10 list... ready, steady, go.
1. Sunblock
A total lifesaver when pale winter skin meets intense rays for the first time in months.  Choose a mimimum of SPF15, if not higher, and check the rating of UVA/UVB stars- 5 is best. 

2. Moisturizer

Face, body, eye moisturizers are going to be very welcomed at the end of the day, after playing in the surf for hours on end.
3. Beach bag

Whether it is to keep your entertainment and survival kit in, or simply to use as a beach pillow, make sure you remember to take a large beach bag.
4. Beach towel

An oldie but a goody, having a massive towel for the beach gives you room to set up camp- pour out the contents of your beach bag and really relax.
5. Flipflops

That's right, it's time to dig out the slaps.  Most hot surf destinations will wear flipflops as their national dress, especially during the evenings.  Enjoy allowing your feet to see the light of day.
6. Beach dress/ boardshorts 

For when you want to be super lazy- no effort required in getting dressed in the morning of after a surf.
7. Sunglasses

No squinting please.
8. ipod/mp3 player

There's nothing like gazing out over the water watching the surf listening to your favourite tunes... it'll get you amped to get out there too.
9. Book

Something to start, put down and then fall asleep with.
10. Hat

Protect you head, face and neck from the midday sun, whilst enjoying the beach... or the perfect tool for covering your face for a beach siesta.