Going on your summer surf holiday is one of the best feelings, but sometimes deciding on what you are going to pack can be on the daunting side.  So whether you are surfing Fuerteventura in its gorgeously hot sunshine, or doing a surf camp in Portugal we have put together your essential surf holiday wardrobe.
1- For everyone
If ever there was an essential for a surf holiday it is sunblock.  Regardless of whatever else makes it into your packing, having a good 5 or 4 star rated broadspectrum sunscreen will help prevent sunburn, and enable you to surf for longer. However there are a few other bits and pieces that can make your holiday even more enjoyable, so he's the checklist:
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock/Aftersun
  • Zinc- for your face... and especially your lips when surfing
  • MP3 Player/Speakers
  • Favourite fragrance
  • Medi-kit- just in case
2- For women
We need little excuse to dress up, so summer surf holidays are the perfect chance to have fun with our wardrobes.  Think about looser, drapier clothing that will keep you feeling cooler even when the nights have that summer heat in them:  
  • Floaty beach dresses
  • Denim anything... shorts, skirt, even dress
  • Drapey t-shirts and vest tops
  • Masses of bikinis
  • Sarongs -think makeshift clothing/beach towel
  • Lots of jewellery
3- For men
It's all about relaxing and looking good on holiday when it comes packing for the men.  Think about boardshorts that you can double up at night for chilled bbqs or drinks, but also make sure you bring some slightly smarter shorts for when you want to go out to dinner or make the most of the party scene.  Surf holidays tend to be pretty relaxed, but having a few key functional basics will carry you through the holiday looking great.
  • Singlets- think drapey
  • T-shirts- something to go to dinner in
  • Board shorts
  • Denim shorts
  • Cap- great protection if you tend to burn your forehead/head
This article was added by Francesca Bingley