Finding a great place to eat after you've had an amazing surf session abroad is essential to completing a brilliant day.  If you've opted to explore the beautiful island of Fuerteventura for your surf holidays, then here are a few suggestions for where to eat when staying in the northern town of Corralejo:
1. Citrus Cafe
Calle del Anzuelo
Photos of Citrus Surf Cafe, Corralejo
This photo of Citrus Surf Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor  
The epitome of a laid back surfer's lounge, restaurant and bar, the Citrus Cafe's fresh interior design and love of showing surf movies makes for a low ket hangout post surf.  There food is well priced and delicious, using fresh ingredients, and changing theme daily... one night it's mexican, another it's sushi, and of course there's the normal menu to choose from along with a lethal selection of cakes and desserts.  
2. Di Napoli
Avda. Nuestra Sra. del Carmen La Red
Sometimes after a good paddle session all you want is pizza, so Di Napoli is the place.  Located on the main strip, the restaurant has a rustic feel with its sandstone rough rock walls, and semi al fresco layout.  Every type of pizza, pasta and Italian dish that you could want will soon satisfy your inner food monster. Buon gusto!
3. La Mamma
Calle del Anzuelo
Photos of La Mamma, Corralejo
This photo of La Mamma is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Continuing on with the Latin theme if you're looking for somewhere a little bit more romantic, or quieter, then head to La Mamma almost opposite the Citrus Cafe.  Delicious Italian and Spanish cuisine in a smaller setting is the perfect place to go for a late evening meal.
4. Cafe Lounge
Calle el Pulpo

For when you've been exploring the cobbled streets at top end of Corralejo, Cafe Lounge is the perfect relaxed place to eat.  They often put on their own barbecues, so when you're looking for somewhere to unwind, listen to some music and replenish your surfed out body with some chargrilled food- Cafe Lounge is definitely worth a look in.    
5. La Luna
Calle el Pulpo

Sometimes you have to leave the best for last, and here La Luna falls into that category.  Fresh fish, seafood and local produce, it's all about the flavours at La Luna.  Make sure you order the dips to go with your Canarian potatoes, as you'll soon be wanting to bottle it and take it home.  Wash it all down with a chilled glass or two of white, and don't forget to drink your aperitif that comes with the bill... making the whole surf holidays Fuerteventura experience even sweeter.