What with Europe being gripped by some of the coldest and harshest weather it has seen in a while, we thought we'd have a quick look at some of the heavy duty winter wetsuits on the market. We have listed some online retailers. You can also get these in your local surf shop - just give them a ring before you head in...

1, Ripcurl- Men's F-Bomb Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit, 6/5/4mm

The latest developments from Ripcurl have seen the birth of the lightweight, super warm Bomb series.  The “F” of the F-Bomb means “fireskin”, so this suit is designed to keep you toasty even in extreme cold.  The suit is equipped with Ripcurl's unique Fireskin lining and “E3” flexibility.  As always, the suit comes with the usual double liquid taping (ie your seams are sealed in), S-Flex Knee design and the standard pocket for your keys.

Sizes: xs, s, ms, m, mt, ls, l, lt, xls, xl, xlt, xxl
Colors: Black, Black/Red
Price: Approx €350/ £280
Stockists: www.westcoastsurf.co.uk

2. Billabong- B9 Recycled Platinum 403 GBS Steamer, 5/4/3mm

Isn't it good when wetsuits are taken to a new level?  Billabong are leading the field with their B9 Recycled Platinum suit.  Made out of 90% recycled polyester, this wetsuit has been thoroughly backed by Billabong free rider and eco-warrior Rasta.  So, even though the suit isn't green in colour (it's dyed with water based inks), you can represent in and out of the water just what it means to care about our ocean and environment.

Sizing: S, MS, M, MT, L
Price: Approx €370/ £299.99
Stockist: www.downthelinesurf.co.uk

3. Alder- Men's Evo Wetsuit, 5/4/3mm

The Evo is a good budget alternative to the more expensive big brand names.  UK based Alder has been going since the 60s and is still run by the Westlake family.  Alder's latest wetsuit will keep you warm in the cold water with its use of liquid seals on the exterior and heat tapes on the stretch points.

Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XXL
Price: Approx €220/ £165
Stockists: www.baysports.co.uk

4. O'Neill- Women's Psycho 2, 5/3mm

When it comes to getting into cold Northern Atlantic waters you need something that will take the brain-freeze edge off.  So follow in O'Neills' Nicole Morgan footsteps, who heralds from Bundoran one of our surf Ireland holiday destinations, and represents the female corner in warm style.  O'Neill have matched their men's range and introduced the Women's Psycho 2.  This suit is all about the stretch, minimal seams and the “X-Type” firewall built in.

Sizes: UK 8,10,12S, 12
Price: Approx €299/ £240
Stockists: www.freakfish.co.uk

5. RHINO- Ladies Stealth Wetsuit, 5/3mm

UK based Rhino has been running since 1988 and have definitely got something right in their ethic of function over fashion.  Their ladies Stealth wetsuit is a great example of how a winter wetsuit doesn't need to cost the earth, but can still tick all the boxes: Super stretch fabric, blindstitched and glued seams, lightweight and with the bruise minimizing knee pads.  A good budget alternative for a new design wetsuit.

Sizing: Email stockist with measurements
Price: Approx €220/ £170
Stockist: www.boardwalksurf.co.uk